F-Droid Apk Download for Android, iOS, & PC (Latest Version)

In the F-Droid App, there is no need to create an account to use the service and the application. These apps come in open source and you can download it, the applications source code leaves a space for the developer to customize the App the way he wants. F-Droid Apk is an app store for Android devices.

F-Droid Apk


What is F-Droid Apk?

Whenever you want to download applications, you go to play store type the name of the applications and download the App. There are no other options to download applications for Android other than Google Play. F-droid Apk comes to the scene to help you download applications, and run them on your devices. It is the best alternative to Google Play, which offers the same function as play store, where you don’t have to create an account to access its contents.

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F-Droid apps

This store also shows the applications that are compatible to your device so that the device and the applications run smoothly. F-droid App provides applications which have a free license, you can not only download these applications but you can also reprogram these applications according to your convenience. You can also customize your searches in the application has lots of configuration options are there to help you.

F-Droid Download

If you are looking for an alternative store to download apps for your phone other then Google play store, then F droid best apps provide you with the apps that you can download and enjoy the apps. Though the apps of these applications are not as high as Google it does provide good apps. This app also provides an application in various versions, and these different versions of applications help you choose the version compatible with your device.

F-Droid App: Features

  • Alternate app to Google Play
  • To use this app there is no need to log in
  • The apps available here are free and come with source code so that you can reconfigure the app according to your convenience.
  • Lots of configurations from where you can manage the application.
  • Apps can be shared directly with other devices via Bluetooth.

F-Droid Latest Version

Version V0.76
Operating System Android 2.2
Size 3.19
Developer F-Droid Team

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F-Droid Apk Download for Android

F-Droid App

  • Go to the Google search and type F-Droid Apk on the search bar
  • Download the Apk file on your device
  • Go to the security setting on your Android device
  • Choose security option of the phone
  • Mark the option to install apps, Select the unknown sources option and make it enable.
  • Search for the F Droid Download file in the phone file manager.
  • Install the downloaded file on the phone
  • After installation, open the app, customize the app and look for the apps that you want on your phone.

How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently?

Nowadays everyone has email Ids on different platforms like Gmail, yahoo, outlook, Hotmail etc but if we talk about popularity then Gmail has a major share in this area. People create numerous Ids as an Email Id is required at every place on the internet. But we often have some queries related to Gmail account. Out of these the most asked question is how to delete Gmail account. So in this article, we are going to share step by step process to do it. We will also answer some other queries related to Gmail account.

delete Gmail Account

How to delete Gmail Account permanently:

So if you want to delete your Gmail account, so here is the step by step process.

  • At first sign in your Gmail account.
  • Then in the upper right side corner of your account, you would see a circular icon which will show your profile picture which you have set. Click on it.
  • This will show your Google Account profile and then click on “My Account”. This will open a new page in the new tab.
  • This new page will show your various options. In those options, you would see “account preferences” option. Under Account preferences option you will see the option “Delete your account or services”. Click on it.
  • This process will open another page which would show you two options: Delete Products and Delete Google account and data.

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  • If you will choose to Delete Google Account and data, then it will delete all your account such as Ad words, AdSense etc related to that Gmail Account. If you want to delete only Gmail Account then choose “delete Products”.
  • Then type the password of your Gmail account and press enter.
  • Click on “next” and then click on the “trash” icon.
  • Enter an Email address different with which you are deleting so that you can later sign in Google dialog box with that account.
  • Then it will ask your permission to verify the email address. Click on “Send Verification Email”.
  • Then sign in that Email account to verify the Email. Open the mail from Google. In that mail, you will see a link to delete your Gmail account. Click on that link.
  • Then select “Yes, I want to delete”. Then click on “Delete Gmail” and then “Done”

Thus you have deleted your Gmail account permanently.

Delete Gmail Account

How to delete Gmail account from android:

If you want to remove Gmail account from the android device then here is the step by step process to do it.

  • Go to the “Settings” of your device.
  • Then Scroll down for the option “Accounts”. Click on it.
  • Then you will see all the accounts which you have created in the device.
  • Click on Google, The tap on the “Gmail Account” which you want to remove from device.
  • Then in the upper right side corner of the page, you will see three dots, click on it.
  • You will see the options, choose “Remove Account”. Click on it. Then it will ask your confirmation. Again tap on “remove account”.

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And this process will delete the Gmail account from Android device. This process only removes your Gmail Account from that Android device, it does not delete the Gmail Account.

So this is all about how to delete Gmail Account permanently and How to remove Gmail Account from Android. We have tried to explain the whole process in very easy steps. So if you want to delete your Gmail Account for any reason, you can delete that by following these steps.

Download Last.Fm App Latest V2.0.0.7 For Android, iOS, PC

For the music lover, we have given detailed descriptions of the music apps like Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, and Poweramp. In this series, we have brought another app for the music lover. The name of this app is “Last.Fm”. This Last.Fm app is a little bit different from the above-mentioned apps. This app not only let you listen to your favorite music but also offers various other features. This last.fm app is the combination of all the music apps which we have mentioned above.

last.fm app

Last.Fm App: Details

App Name Last.Fm
Operating System Android, Windows, iOS
Minimum Requirements Android 4.0 and Up, iOS 9.3 or Later
Latest Version V2.0.0.7
Last Update 16th August 2017
Licence Free
Developed By Last.Fm Ltd

Last.Fm App: Features

  • Create your own Playlist: You can create your own playlist according to the favorite track, old track, new track, singers, Genre etc. So this app let you listen to the music in one click.
  • Suggestions: The app gives you the suggestions to listen music according to your preferences. The Last.Fm app also gives notifications of new release music and the tracks which are coming soon.
  • Support of other music apps: The best feature of this app is that it has the support of the other music apps like Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music and Many more. So with the installation of this one app, you can have access to other best music apps.
  • Choose your “love” Tracks: You can click on the heart icon which you will find in the right of the track. By clicking on it you can add that particular song in your love list. So it would be easy for you to access your favorite songs easily.

Download Last.Fm Apk for Android:

Here is the step by step process to download Last.Fm for android.

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Search for Last.Fm
  • Click on Install and wait until the .APK file download in your android device.
  • Open the downloaded .APK file and click on install.
  • Wait until the installation process finish.
  • Once the installation process will finish you would see the icon of the app in your device.

Open the app and enjoy unlimited favorite music.

Download Last.Fm App for iOS:

Last.Fm App is also available for iOS users. So to download it for the iOS device is as follows.

  • Open the Apple Play Store.
  • Search for last.Fm App.
  • Click on install and wait until the installation file download.
  • Once the installation file downloaded, open the app and click on install.
  • Wait for some time and then the last.Fm app will be downloaded in your device.

Download Last.Fm App for PC:

If you want to download the Last.Fm app in your chrome then you can add this in your browser as an extension. To add this as an extension please follow the steps.

  • Open the Chrome Web store.
  • Search for Last.Fm app in the search bar.
  • Then a pop-up window will appear, click on “Add to Chrome”.
  • Wait for some time and then the installation process will be completed.
  • After the installation, you would see the icon of Last.fm App in the upper right corner of your browser. Click on the icon and now enjoy your favorite music.

Permission required:

Last.Fm app requires the permission to access the following things of your device.

  • Phone
  • Media/Photos/File
  • Storage
  • Wi-Fi Connection information
  • Device Id and call Information
  • View Network Connections
  • Full network access

last.fm app

Last.Fm Versions:

Latest Version What’s New

  • Rebuilt with latest Android SDK for some speed improvements.
  • Use HTTPS where possible.
  • Upgrade some Dependencies.
  • Fix Bug which will cause broken images when we migrate to a new image provider.

Last.Fm App old Versions

  • Version
  • Version
  • Version
  • Version

Last.Fm App: Final Words

So this is all about Last.Fm app. This can be the best music app for you because you can have to access all songs of other music apps like Deezer, Spotify etc. So you get features of other music apps in a single app. The Last.Fm app is a free app so download the app in your device and get access the millions of songs available in the world anytime anywhere.

How to Install Ubuntu (Linux)

Ubuntu is an open-source operating system (OS). This is usually popular on network servers. Ubuntu is available for PC, Laptop, Tablets, and Smartphones. So it is the best operating system for those who want to secure their database. So today we are going to describe how to install Ubuntu in your device. Here we are going to tell the step by step process to do this. Here are describing to install it in windows operating system.

How to install Ubuntu

What is Ubuntu?

As we have told you earlier Ubuntu is an open-source operating system so it is highly customizable as per your preference. It is the user-friendly operating system. Ubuntu is considered as one of the most secure operating systems. It is 100% immune to viruses. There is no risk of virus, malware attack on the system. Ubuntu has a community also where you can ask your doubts related to it. Also from the software store of Ubuntu, you can get tons of free software. So We think these reasons are enough to download Ubuntu In your device.

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How to install Ubuntu: Step by Step process

1.      Preparing to install

At first, your device should be ready to install Ubuntu. So at first make sure that your computer can run Linux because Ubuntu is Linux based operating system. Other requirements are:

  • 2 GHz Processor
  • 2 Gigabytes of RAM
  • 5 Gigabytes of Hard Drive
  • A DVD drive or a USB Port to install Linux.

2.      A blank DVD or flash drive

  • A flash drive can be stored at least 2 GB.
  • A DVD should be a standard 4.5 GB. Also, that DVD has never been used.

3.      Download Ubuntu Linux ISO File

  • Go to the official website of Ubuntu.
  • Then select the device for which you want to download the “Ubuntu”
  • Scroll down and click on “Download” after selecting the preferred version.
  • Click on “Not Now, take me to the download “ Link.
  • Wait till the downloading process start.
  • Burn the ISO file onto a DVD.
  • Then Partition your computer’s hard drive.
  • Insert your DVD or Flash Drive in the device. Then install the installer perfectly.

Now you have Ubuntu Linux ISO File which you need to install in your device.

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  1. Install on Windows:

  • Click on “windows icon” which is on the bottom left corner of the device.
  • Then click on “Power” and choose “Restart” Option.
  • This will restart your computer. Then wait till the Linux installation Window appears.
  • Once the windows appears it means restarting process has been finished.
  • Select a Language and click on “Continue”.
  • After this, click on “install Ubuntu”
  • Then you will see another window with the title of preparing to install Ubuntu. Tik the option “download updates while installing Ubuntu”. And click “continue”.

How to install Ubuntu

  • Then click “ Install Ubuntu alongside Windows”. Then click on “install now”
  • Doing so you will see an option to choose the region. Select the region and “continue”.
  • Also, choose Time Zone.
  • Then select “Keyword layout” and continue.
  • Then a Window will open. You have to fill your name, your computer’s name, Pick a user name, Then create a password and confirm the password.
  • Then choose the option “Log In automatically” and click “Continue”.
  • Wait till the installation process complete.
  • Once the process will complete you will see another window with the message “installation complete”.
  • Then click on “Restart Now”. Then again a window will open with two options to choose your preferred operating system.
  • Choose the “Ubuntu” and press “Enter” key.

Now you have installed Ubuntu in your device.

Ubuntu: Final Words

So this is the whole process to install Ubuntu in Windows device. So download Ubuntu in your device and make your device free from any suspicious attack.

Download Deezer Apk V5.4.16.112 Latest for Android iOS

We have given the detailed description of various music app like Spotify App, SoundCloud App, Poweramp App. So today we have brought another music app named as “Deezer”. The Deezer Apk is also a music downloader app which gives access to millions of songs available in the world. The Deezer App gives users to download, share the various songs. It is available in 22 languages so you can choose the songs of your favorite language. The Deezer App also gives you suggestions about the songs so that you do not miss any trending songs.

deezer app

Deezer APK: Details

App Name Deezer
Operating System Android, iOS
Minimum Requirements Android 4.1 and Up, iOS 9.0 or later
Latest Version V5.4.16.112
Last Update 25th January 2018
License Free
Developed By Deezer Mobile

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Deezer App: Features

As we have explained before Deezer is a music streaming app but it has some features which make it different from other music apps. The features of Deezer Apk are as follows:

  1. Create Playlist: You can create your own playlist within the app and then can listen to your favorite music with just one click. You can create your playlist according to various occasions like the workout, Road trip etc.
  2. Listen to songs unlimited times: You can listen to your songs for unlimited times with the shuffle mode.
  3. Suggestions for new songs: The Deezer App gives you the suggestions for the new and trendy songs based on the preference of your songs. So you would never miss any trending songs.
  4. Lyrics: With this Deezer Apk you can not only listen but can sing along with your favorite tracks as the Deezer Apk provide you the lyrics of the songs as well.
  5. Search: With the search option of Deezer you can find your favorite track from the millions of songs.
  6. Mixes: You can create mixes according to your favorite tracks and can even share that mix with your friends.
  7. Audio: You can set up audio setting for your tracks according to your preference. This app provides the custom option.

This is all about the Deezer app which is available for free for the users. But The Deezer Apk comes with the in-app purchase option. There are two more versions of Deezer Apk with different in-app purchase. These versions are:

Deezer Premium plus:

  • This in-app version comes with no ads.
  • You can enhance the sound and audio quality of the track.
  • The tracks are available offline.

Deezer family Version:

In this version, you can create 6 premium plus profiles. There is an option of kids-only profiles.

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Deezer Old Version:

  • 138
  • 2.1.2
  • 3.0.7
  • 4.1.23
  • 4.2.8
  • 4.4.55
  • 5.1.10
  • 0.5.8
  • 1.2.27
  • 3.5.235
  • 4.0.88
  • 4.1.146
  • 4.8.46
  • 4.13.56
  • 4.14.56
  • 4.16.112

Deezer Apk: Permission Required

  • Device and App History
  • Identity
  • Contacts
  • Phone
  • Photos/media/Files
  • Storage
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • Device ID &call information
  • Others

deezer app

Download Deezer Apk for Android:

To download Deezer Apk for Android device is an easy process as it is available on Google Play Store. The downloading process is same as another android app. So you can easily download the app in your android device.

Download Deezer App for iOS:

You can download the Deezer app for iPhone from the Apple Store and easily install other apps.

Deezer Apk: Final Words

So this is all about Deezer Apk. It is one of the best music streaming app. If you are a music lover then you must try this app. At first, you can go for free version later you can upgrade to premium or family version. So get the app right now and enjoy the millions of songs available all over the world in 22 languages. We are sure you are going to like this app.

Download SoundCloud APK 2018.01.30-release for Android iOS Windows

Previously we had talked about Spotify Music downloader app and Poweramp App. Today we have brought another similar app of Spotify and Poweramp.  This app has been named as “SoundCloud Apk”. The SoundCloud app is the best alternative of Spotify App and Poweramp App. If you are a music lover then you must try this app. This app is available in various versions. At first, you can go for its free version then you can try its other paid version. The best thing is that SoundCloud is cheaper than Spotify App.

Soundcloud APK

Soundcloud APK: Details

App Name SoundCloud
Operating System Android, iOS, Windows
Minimum Requirement Android 4.1 and Up, iOS 9.0 or later, Windows 10
Download Size Varies According to device
Latest Version 2018.01.30-release
Last Update 30th January 2018
Developed By Soundcloud

SoundCloud App: Features

AS we have already told you that SoundCloud is available in different versions. So it has different features for different versions, which are as follows:

SoundCloud Free:

  • Over 120 million songs from all over the world.
  • Get suggestions for various tracks as per your likes and search habits.
  • Create your own playlists for different occasions.
  • Discover incredible music according to Genre, newest, hottest tracks.
  • Interact with your favourite artists directly.

SoundCloud Go:

  • Over 120 million songs from all over the world.
  • Create your own playlists and download it in your device so that you can listen to it anytime anywhere.
  • Soundcloud Go comes with no Ads facilities.
  • You can discover, stream and share a constantly expanding mix of music-anytime, anywhere.

SoundCloud Go+:

  • Over 150 Million songs from all over the world.
  • Download your playlist and take your collections with you anytime anywhere.
  • This offers no Ads Facilities.
  • All the music is accessible and you can save them offline.

SoundCloud Pulse:

SoundCloud App also gives an opportunity to newcomers. If you can make music, podcast or any audio, you can upload it through in the app.

  • You can reply to the comments on your audio.
  • You can get the stats of your track.
  • You can share your track both publicly and privately.
  • This app is 100% free.
  • You would also get some amount based on your performance by the company.

Soundcloud APK

Download SoundCloud for Android iOS Windows:

You can easily download SoundCloud App for Android iOS Windows as it is available on Google Play Store, Apple Store. So to download it just follow the process described below:

  • Open Google Play Store/ Apple Store.
  • Search for “SoundCloud“.
  • Click on install and wait till the installation file download in your device.
  • Once the process is complete, open the file. You can find it in the download folder of your device.
  • Open the file and click on install. Wait till the installation process finishes.

Now you have SoundCloud App in your Device. Open it and enjoy millions of songs from all over the world.

SoundCloud Apk: Final Words

So this is all about SoundCloud Apk. If you are a music lover then you must give a try to this music downloader app. It won’t disappoint you.

Best 4 Spotify Alternatives Apps for Music Streaming

You all are aware of Spotify app. You had also tried it. It is available for free and paid version. Spotify App provides the access of millions of songs to users. You can even download the songs in your device. We have given a detailed description about Spotify APK in our previous article. If you want to read it then Click Here. If you want to try something new and are looking for music streaming app other than Spotify then we have come up with top 5 music streaming app which are Spotify alternatives. We are sure you would also love these apps as you had liked Spotify.

spotify alternatives

1.     Deezer App:

With Deezer APK you can have the feel of personal music player. You can stream your favourite music and download it also for the offline so you can listen that later. You can create your own playlist based on the old tracks, artists, albums and many more. Other features of Deezer App are as follows:

  • You can also share your playlist with your friends and family.
  • Deezer app allows the access to live radio stations.
  • You can create the unlimited playlist with the Deezer.
  • You can also sing along with the song as it shows on-screen lyrics.
  • You can enjoy the mixes based on your favourite tracks, genres etc.

Deezer App also comes with Premium options also which offers the ad-free services. Also, this paid version offers the audio and videos options.

spotify alternatives

2.     Last.FM App:

The Last.FM App is used by many people to track the music they listen. The app allows you to view your personal artists, albums and tracks charts. You can also like the song then it would be included in your list.

This app makes the tracking of the music easier.

spotify alternatives

3.     Soundcloud App:

Soundcloud also offers the music streaming to the users. It offers around 120 million tracks from all over the world. This comes in three versions: soundcloud free, soundcloud Go, Soundcloud Go+.

In Soundcloud free and Soundcloud Go version, you would get the access of 120 million songs while Souncloud Go+ gives access to the 150 million songs.

In free version of Soundcloud you can you cannot download the song in your device but the paid versions allow users to do so.

The paid versions are free for first 30 days after that the app automatically locks the features of the paid versions.

spotify alternatives

4.     Poweramp App:

Poweramp Music Player app offers the user to listen the songs in more different ways. The main features of this app are as follows:

  • Plays mp3, mp4/m4a, ogg, flac, wav, ape, tta, mpc, aiff
  • Crossfade, gapeless, replay gain, dynamic queue features.
  • Fast library scan, tag editor, scrobbling, configurable lock screen features.
  • High level of customization via settings.

Poweramp music palyer comes in two versions. First one is free and another one is paid version. In the starting paid version is free for 15 days later it will automatically lock the features of the paid version.

So these are the top 4 Spotify alternatives apps. All these alternative apps have unique features. If you are a music lover then you must give them a try. We are sure you would love them.

Download Poweramp APK (V2.0.10) for Android & iOS

You are very well known about the Spotify APK. We have given a detailed description of it in our previous blogs. If you are looking for the Spotify alternatives then we have come up with this. The app which is Spotify alternative is “Poweramp.” Like Spotify APK, Poweramp APK is also a music streaming app. It has some features which are not provided by Spotify. So if you want to try a new app like Spotify then it is worth to give a chance to Poweramp APK.

poweramp apk

Poweramp APK: Details

App Name Poweramp APK
Operating System Android, iOS
Android Required 2.1 and Up
File Size Approx. 6.30 MB
Latest Version V2.0.10
Offered By Max MP

Poweramp APK: Features

  • The features of Poweramp APK are as follows:
  • It can play MP3, MP4 (including alac), ogg, wma*, flac, wav,ape,wv,tta,mpc,aiff.
  • It has band optimized graphical equalizer for all supported formats, presets, custom presets.
  • It has separate powerful Bass and Treble adjustment.
  • It has features of Stereo expansion, mono mixing, balance.
  • You can also play songs from folders and from own library. It also has fast scan feature through this you can search very fast for any song from the library.
  • It has also the features of crossfade, gapless and dynamic queue.
  • It supports lyrics and you can search for lyrics via musiXmatch plugin.
  • The Poweramp APK has support for m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl playlist.
  • The Poweramp APK has high level customization for any song via settings.

Poweramp APK Versions:

Poweramp APK has two versions which are as follows:

Poweramp Music Player trial

This version of Poweramp APK is the trial of 15 days full featured. It has all the features of Poweramp Full Version Unlock. After the end of trial period, some premium features automatically lock. If a user wants then he can upgrade to the Full Version of Poweramp.

Poweramp Music Player Full Version Unlock

The full version of Poweramp APK has some extra features along with the above mentioned features which are as follows:

  • With the Poweramp Music Player Full Version Unlock you would get all the upcoming updated for free.
  • Poweramp is the best music app available at the very low price. It provides the entire music track available in the world.

Poweramp APK

Download Poweramp Music Player APK for Android:

To download Poweramp APK you need to follow the following process

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Search for “Poweramp.”
  • Open it and click on install. Then wait till the .APK file download complete.
  • When the download process finishes, Find the file in the download folder of the device.
  • Open the file and click on install. Wait for some time until the process finish.

Now you have Poweramp APK in your android device.

Download Poweramp Music Player App for iOS:

To download Poweramp App for iOS device follow the following process.

  • Go to iTunes store.
  • Search for the Poweramp.
  • Click on “download” and wait until the process finishes.
  • Then open the downloaded file and click on install.
  • Wait till the installation finish.

Now you have Poweramp App in your iOS device. Open it and enjoy the music.

Final words about Poweramp APK:

If you are looking for the best Spotify alternative then we would recommend going for Poweramp App. It is available for both Android and iOS for free. So give a try to Poweramp App.

Spotify for Windows Download Free Latest Version (

With the Spotify app, music listener has right music every time. In our previous articles, we have described in detail about the Spotify App. We have also provided the process to download Spotify for Android. Today we are going to provide you with a detailed process to download Spotify for Windows. Spotify comes with two version one is free and another one is premium. We have also provided you to get the Spotify prime Mod APK. So get the Spotify for windows device and enjoy your favourite music anytime everywhere.

Spotify for Windows

Spotify for Windows: Details

App Name Spotify
Latest Version Spotify
Operating System Windows, iOS, Android
Minimum Requirement Windows XP/Vista/ 7/ 8/10
Developed By Spotify Ltd
Download Size Approx. 55 MB
Licence Free

Spotify for Windows: Features

  • Create Playlists: In Spotify APK you can create a playlist just by drag and drop feature.
  • Get unlimited songs: Spotify app has millions of songs available in the world. You need to just search your favourite song.
  • Sharing Music: With Spotify, you can share your tracks with your family and friends in just one click.
  • Download Music: Spotify prime APK gives you feature to download songs in your device.
  • Library: Spotify for windows user gives the feature to create a music library in Your PC.
  • Facebook Connection: You can connect your Facebook account with the Spotify and then you would be able to see what your friends are listening and also you can share what you are listening.

spotify for windows

Download Spotify App for Windows:

Here is the step by step guide to download Spotify for windows.

  • You can download the extension file from the below-given link.
  • When the downloading process gets completed, you need to open the file. You can find that file in the download folder of your PC.
  • Open that file and click on “install”
  • After that, you need to create an account on Spotify. Fill all the details.
  • Now you have Spotify for windows with 30 days free trial offer for Spotify Premium APK.

After the trial period over if you wish you can run Spotify Premium APK after doing the payment otherwise you can choose the free plan of Spotify.

Download Spotify App for Windows from Here.

Final Words about Spotify App:

So this was all about Spotify APK and Spotify premium APK for your PC. You can get this App for your PC by following the easy steps. Download Spotify App and get your favorite music anytime and at anywhere. Create your own playlist as well as a music library. Share the music with your family and friends. We are sure you are going to enjoy this music app. Currently Spotify is available in some countries which are as follows: Andorra, Austria, United Kingdom, Turkey, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia, Latvia, Italy, Iceland, Greece, Czech Republic, Estonia, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherland, France, Hungary, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Monaco, Portugal, Malta, Liechtenstein, Finland, Norway, Slovakia.

Download Spotify APK Mod Latest version ( free

All the music lovers are very well known about Spotify Mod APK. In this App, you have access to the music available in the world. You can listen, download or create your own playlist of the songs. This app comes in various versions. We have previously discussed Spotify premium APK. Today we are going to talk about Spotify Mod APK Version. The best thing about Mod Spotify is that it comes with no ads. It offers ads-free service and blocked all advertisements so that you can enjoy your music without any disturbance. Here you can check Spotify Mod APK Download process and its features.

spotify apk mod

This Spotify Mod APK is the modded version of Spotify premium, which gives you all the features of Spotify Premium that too without any cost. It is 100% free for the users.

Spotify Mod: Details

Latest Version V
Updated 22nd Dec 2017
Download Size 40 MB
Developer Spotify Ltd
No of Downloads 10000000+

Spotify APK Mod: Features

Here we are giving you various reasons due to which you should go for Spotify Mod APK Version.

  • With Spotify Mod Version, the user can listen Music for free.
  • You can play any song, anywhere, anytime, any device.
  • The user can even listen the music in shuffle mode.
  • You can enjoy amazing sound quality.
  • The user can download songs on their device.
  • The user can listen repeated songs for N no of times.
  • The user can create his or her own playlist based on artists, albums.
  • Cancel anytime.
  • The user will get unlimited shuffles available.
  • The user can search and listen to any song.
  • All ads blocked.
  • he user will get unlimited skips.
  • Unlock seeking.
  • Unlock Spotify Connect.

spotify mod apk

Install Spotify APK Mod on your device:

  • Uninstall any previous version of Spotify.
  • To download Spotify.
  • For Facebook login, do not uninstall the Facebook app, you can just freeze it and connect to Spotify.
  • Now you are done. Open the app and enjoy.

Permissions Spotify APK Mod requires:

  • Read phone status and identity.
  • View Wi-Fi connections.
  • Full Network Access.
  • View network connections.
  • In-app purchase.
  • Receive data from the internet.

Final Words about Spotify APK Mod:

So we have given you various reasons why you should have this app on your device. So follow the step by step process and get the Spotify APK Mod on your device. It is quite safe and provides you various features which you will get only in the Spotify premium (Paid version). But this version is 100% free for the users.