How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently?

Nowadays everyone has email Ids on different platforms like Gmail, yahoo, outlook, Hotmail etc but if we talk about popularity then Gmail has a major share in this area. People create numerous Ids as an Email Id is required at every place on the internet. But we often have some queries related to Gmail account. Out of these the most asked question is how to delete Gmail account. So in this article, we are going to share step by step process to do it. We will also answer some other queries related to Gmail account.

delete Gmail Account

How to delete Gmail Account permanently:

So if you want to delete your Gmail account, so here is the step by step process.

  • At first sign in your Gmail account.
  • Then in the upper right side corner of your account, you would see a circular icon which will show your profile picture which you have set. Click on it.
  • This will show your Google Account profile and then click on “My Account”. This will open a new page in the new tab.
  • This new page will show your various options. In those options, you would see “account preferences” option. Under Account preferences option you will see the option “Delete your account or services”. Click on it.
  • This process will open another page which would show you two options: Delete Products and Delete Google account and data.

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  • If you will choose to Delete Google Account and data, then it will delete all your account such as Ad words, AdSense etc related to that Gmail Account. If you want to delete only Gmail Account then choose “delete Products”.
  • Then type the password of your Gmail account and press enter.
  • Click on “next” and then click on the “trash” icon.
  • Enter an Email address different with which you are deleting so that you can later sign in Google dialog box with that account.
  • Then it will ask your permission to verify the email address. Click on “Send Verification Email”.
  • Then sign in that Email account to verify the Email. Open the mail from Google. In that mail, you will see a link to delete your Gmail account. Click on that link.
  • Then select “Yes, I want to delete”. Then click on “Delete Gmail” and then “Done”

Thus you have deleted your Gmail account permanently.

Delete Gmail Account

How to delete Gmail account from android:

If you want to remove Gmail account from the android device then here is the step by step process to do it.

  • Go to the “Settings” of your device.
  • Then Scroll down for the option “Accounts”. Click on it.
  • Then you will see all the accounts which you have created in the device.
  • Click on Google, The tap on the “Gmail Account” which you want to remove from device.
  • Then in the upper right side corner of the page, you will see three dots, click on it.
  • You will see the options, choose “Remove Account”. Click on it. Then it will ask your confirmation. Again tap on “remove account”.

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And this process will delete the Gmail account from Android device. This process only removes your Gmail Account from that Android device, it does not delete the Gmail Account.

So this is all about how to delete Gmail Account permanently and How to remove Gmail Account from Android. We have tried to explain the whole process in very easy steps. So if you want to delete your Gmail Account for any reason, you can delete that by following these steps.

How to Install Ubuntu (Linux)

Ubuntu is an open-source operating system (OS). This is usually popular on network servers. Ubuntu is available for PC, Laptop, Tablets, and Smartphones. So it is the best operating system for those who want to secure their database. So today we are going to describe how to install Ubuntu in your device. Here we are going to tell the step by step process to do this. Here are describing to install it in windows operating system.

How to install Ubuntu

What is Ubuntu?

As we have told you earlier Ubuntu is an open-source operating system so it is highly customizable as per your preference. It is the user-friendly operating system. Ubuntu is considered as one of the most secure operating systems. It is 100% immune to viruses. There is no risk of virus, malware attack on the system. Ubuntu has a community also where you can ask your doubts related to it. Also from the software store of Ubuntu, you can get tons of free software. So We think these reasons are enough to download Ubuntu In your device.

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How to install Ubuntu: Step by Step process

1.      Preparing to install

At first, your device should be ready to install Ubuntu. So at first make sure that your computer can run Linux because Ubuntu is Linux based operating system. Other requirements are:

  • 2 GHz Processor
  • 2 Gigabytes of RAM
  • 5 Gigabytes of Hard Drive
  • A DVD drive or a USB Port to install Linux.

2.      A blank DVD or flash drive

  • A flash drive can be stored at least 2 GB.
  • A DVD should be a standard 4.5 GB. Also, that DVD has never been used.

3.      Download Ubuntu Linux ISO File

  • Go to the official website of Ubuntu.
  • Then select the device for which you want to download the “Ubuntu”
  • Scroll down and click on “Download” after selecting the preferred version.
  • Click on “Not Now, take me to the download “ Link.
  • Wait till the downloading process start.
  • Burn the ISO file onto a DVD.
  • Then Partition your computer’s hard drive.
  • Insert your DVD or Flash Drive in the device. Then install the installer perfectly.

Now you have Ubuntu Linux ISO File which you need to install in your device.

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  1. Install on Windows:

  • Click on “windows icon” which is on the bottom left corner of the device.
  • Then click on “Power” and choose “Restart” Option.
  • This will restart your computer. Then wait till the Linux installation Window appears.
  • Once the windows appears it means restarting process has been finished.
  • Select a Language and click on “Continue”.
  • After this, click on “install Ubuntu”
  • Then you will see another window with the title of preparing to install Ubuntu. Tik the option “download updates while installing Ubuntu”. And click “continue”.

How to install Ubuntu

  • Then click “ Install Ubuntu alongside Windows”. Then click on “install now”
  • Doing so you will see an option to choose the region. Select the region and “continue”.
  • Also, choose Time Zone.
  • Then select “Keyword layout” and continue.
  • Then a Window will open. You have to fill your name, your computer’s name, Pick a user name, Then create a password and confirm the password.
  • Then choose the option “Log In automatically” and click “Continue”.
  • Wait till the installation process complete.
  • Once the process will complete you will see another window with the message “installation complete”.
  • Then click on “Restart Now”. Then again a window will open with two options to choose your preferred operating system.
  • Choose the “Ubuntu” and press “Enter” key.

Now you have installed Ubuntu in your device.

Ubuntu: Final Words

So this is the whole process to install Ubuntu in Windows device. So download Ubuntu in your device and make your device free from any suspicious attack.