Download Spotify (V1.0.70.388) for Mac

If you are looking to download Spotify app for your mac device, then you are at the right place. Here we will provide you the detailed step by step guide to download it. At first let me give you a small description of this app.

Spotify for Mac

What is Spotify?

If you are a music lover, then the Spotify App is the best thing that you can have in your device. It gives the service of digital music, podcast and video streaming form millions of songs available all over the world. Spotify app is available for Android as well as Mac.

It has two versions one is free and other one is premium. The premium version will cost you around 10 EUR/ Month.

Spotify APK Latest Version 2018 (V1.0.70.388)

Details Spotify Properties
App Name Spotify
Latest Version V1.0.70.388
Last Updated 3rd January 2018
License Free
Download Size 84.43MB
Author Spotify Ltd
Minimum Requirements Mac OS X 10.9 or later

Spotify APK: Features

The basic functions such as playing music is free, but the premium version gives you the following benefits:

  • With its premium version, you can download unlimited music in the app.
  • In its free version, there are some songs not available to play but in premium version you can play any song available.
  • There are no ads in premium version, so you can enjoy nonstop music.
  • The quality of audio is good in premium version in comparison of free version.
  • It also allows user to recover their playlist which they have deleted previously.
  • The Spotify app has built in Equalizer feature for iOS and Android. It will enhance the quality of music based on the genre.
  • It also allows you to share the music to the Facebook. For this you need to link your Facebook account with the app.
  • This app also gives you and your friends to create collaborative playlist. For this you and your friends should have premium subscription of Spotify.

Spotify Premium APK: Features

In the premium version of Spotify user can also choose “Premium for Family”. In this option user can add up to 5 people who live at same address. It costs just 15 Euro/ month. The main features of this are:

  • Everyone will get his/her individual account.
  • It cost less and provide more benefits.
  • Everyone will have his/her own playlist. They will also get recommendations to view.
  • It has all the features of premium version.

Download Spotify for Mac

How to download Spotify for Mac:

Spotify runs on the operating system of Mac OS X 10.10/10.11/10.7/10.8/10.9. It also requires very less space around 616 KB. Getting Spotify for Mac device is a very easy process. The user can follow step by step process to do this:

  1. To download the installation file, go to the official website of Spotify.
  2. By opening of the link, the file will automatically download installation file.
  3. Open the file, a pop up window will open, prompting you to drag the Spotify icon to your application folder.
  4. Drag the icon of Spotify to the Application folder shown in the window.
  5. A dialogue box will appear, asking whether Spotify can access your keychain.
  6. Click “Allow” to give access to Spotify.

Now Spotify has been installed in your mac device. Open it and amplify your music list.

Final Words:

Spotify App is the best available app for music lover. If you want to enjoy its amazing feature, then bet on its premium feature and we promise it would not disappoint you. In Spotify you will get those features, generally which are not available in other music app. So, download it and enjoy the music from all over the world.